We tend to overlook the importance of the environment in which we create. Every major invention came through the workbench - yet, the workbench itself has not evolved much in hundreds of years. How can we make the capacity of innovation available to all, in an affordable package? How do we make this capacity more efficient, more compact, more affordable?

I have been building workbenches everywhere I go since I am a kid. Can you imagine if places that need this technology most had it? What if the bench came with instructions how to make essential technologies - and be available say in refugee camps? What if every school had such equipment?

In this TEDx talk in Shanghai, I explain the concept

Why do I believe it's possible? Because it's happened before, and the "world needs it":

There are other tools that are pointing in this direction:

Early Sketches


MakerBay Design - L - a fully equipped space

Untitled Database

MakerBench Design - M - functional workstation

MakerBench for Bali. 120w x 60d x 200h.

Untitled Database

MakerBox - S - can fit in anyone's home

Untitled Database

MakerBench Kickstarter Pitch.pdf

MakerBench Kickstarter Pitch

MakerBench Singapura